Forum registration now open again

After a long gap I’ve decided to allow new member registration again, to stimulate further discussion and insight into Munrow’s life a work. Hopefully, the forum won’t be overwhelmed by spam and rogue submissions as membership does require manual admin approval. So, if you’ve a story or a question do please sign up and contribute!

A New Start…

Welcome to the new-look website, and a fresh start with a regular blog – something sorely missing from the website in recent years.

I’ve been sitting on a vast collection of material and now, looking to the 40th anniversary of Munrow’s untimely passing, I feel it’s a good time to be presenting and discussing it with a wider audience. What would you like to see in the way of marking such an anniversary?

If you have any relevant material or would like to join the discussion do get in touch – any ideas to improve and enhance the site are always much appreciated.