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Spreading the "Word".
« on: November 24, 2012, 02:26:41 PM »

Dear All,

          I am in the process of developing blogs which would also carry the following data about myself, and what I am really about.

... Robert Searle is the orignator of two major "work in progress" paradigms known as Transfinancial Economics, and Multi-Dimensional Science. He is also concerned notably with the development of his other projects especially the Eleutherian Theory, the Universal Debating Project, Improvised Musical Whistling, and Improvised Voice Instrumental Music. As well as this, he is a major contributor on a tribute forum on the musician David Munrow, and has a huge audio-visual collection of Mediaeval, and Renaissance Music, or Early Music on the internet. For any live links to the above put on a separate blog, press the "complete profile" below.
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I am already having thousands of hits, and the name "David Munrow" will become increasingly better known to a wider audience as time goes by. As for this site there is a link on my profile page.

Robert Searle / Pied Piper