Author Topic: Gryphon, and the Munrow Influence  (Read 1886 times)


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Re: Gryphon, and the Munrow Influence
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 08:40:45 PM »
I was at the Gryphon Union Chapel gig 18 months ago - when Richard Harvey was very much the frontman and driver behind the band reunion.

It was astonishing to hear the music as polished and fresh as it was way back in 1973. And the later rock-oriented repertoire was clearly the transitional period for Richard Harvey's grander ambitions - which eventually led to him leaving the group he will be forever associated with.

Richard Harvey and Brian Gulland also played for Musica Reservata, as did Munrow previously.

Like Munrow, Harvey plays recorder with the minimum of vibrato, very much in the 'English' style and his technique surpasses Munrow by some margin.