Author Topic: David Munrow childhood artifacts in storage at the V & A London  (Read 2169 times)


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David Munrow childhood artifacts in storage at the V & A London
« on: September 20, 2017, 08:58:43 AM »
Apologies if I'm about to repeat information that someone has already mentioned, but here goes:

The V & A has in storage several vintage 1950s items that were created or owned by David Munrow.  The items include the following:

- three vintage 1940s teddy bears (called Eddy, Ginge, and Humph), two of whom are in impressively good condition;

- correspondence addressed and written to the above teddy bears, who apparently lived in a bedroom in Munrovia Brum (ha ha); and

- an exercise book, on which Munrow wrote Plays by DJ Munrow on the cover, which consists of four "very well written" (according to the V & A's website) plays.  Teddy bears Eddy, Ginge, and Humph are cast in several roles.

I assume Munrow must have been around 10 to 12 years old when he wrote these plays and letters.  By the slant of his handwriting, I also assume he was left handed!

How could an adult, let alone a child, write with vintage 1950s fountain pens?  Impossible.

You can find photos of the above items by searching the V & A's website.  This is all brand new news to me.  Hope this isn't old news to other forum readers.


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